Scattered Strong Thunderstorms Possible Today

Jeff MendelsonMichael Facchiano Contracting, Inc.

Good Morning:

Here is a quick weather update…

Our area will be under the influence of a seasonably warm, unstable airmass (out ahead of a cold front which will pass through, tomorrow morning).

This warm, unstable air will act as a trigger for some scattered strong (and possibly severe) thunderstorms across parts of our area today.

The image above represents a Convective Outlook, issued by the Storm Prediction Center, valid for today (our area is encircled in red).

The area of dark green represents a “marginal” risk for severe storms while the area in yellow represents a higher “slight” risk for severe storms (including on the edge of our area).

This particular image (above) represents a projected computer model output of what our local radar (encircled in red) “might” look like by around lunchtime.

The areas of yellow represents moderate to heavy rain while the areas in orange and some red represents scattered strong to severe thunderstorms.

Keep in mind that this image only represents a projected computer output of possible future radar (its not certain nor imminent).

However, we’ll have to watch for some scattered heavy showers and possible strong (to even severe) storms through today. Some of these storms “could” contain a downpour or two, strong gusty winds in excess of 45+mph, small hail and even the outside possibility of a tornado.

Heavy showers and thundershowers are even more likely overnight tonight as the leading edge of much cooler air begins to approach.

We’ll keep you updated if any imminent severe thunderstorm warnings are expected or issued.

In the meantime, watch the skies for today and take cover if any heavy showers or downpours were to pop up.

Thanks! J